Ask The Experts

Q: What are your hours?

A: 24/7 365 days a year. MasterClean is aware that problems such as fire and floods do not care if you are trying to sleep or enjoying the weekend, therefore we do not sleep or take time off. There is always someone available to you on any day, at any time.

Q: Can you help me with my claim?

A: In our 29 years in fire and flood restoration we have seen every type of insurance claim there is with almost every Insurance company in New England. We are experts when it comes to insurance claims and we are able to answer any questions that you may have.

Q: If I have water damage, can I let it dry on its own? Why do I need a professional?

A: Yes, it will eventually dry on its own. But given time, wet walls, ceilings, and carpets are breeding grounds for toxic mold. Without the help of proper extraction, air movers, and dehumidifiers under the guidance of a professional trained in psychometrics, an area can stay saturated for weeks, even months and will cause mold.

Q: How long do I have before mold forms?

A: It depends on the surface. Carpet lab tests have shown it usually takes 11 days, this does not mean you will not have an odor much sooner, if not dried soon after water damage you may get an odor as soon as 24 hours. Mold on drywall and wood can start the growing process as soon as 48 hours. Keep in mind pre-existing mold spreads rapidly when water is added. Mold needs three things to grow food, oxygen and water.

Q: Will my dehumidifier do the same job?

A: NO! At MasterClean Restoration we do not mess around! We use the latest in drying technology. Masterclean uses only LGR dehumidifiers (Low Grain Refrigerant) this means our dehumidifiers will dry the air down to incredibly low humidity levels that house hold dehumidifiers can come close to. We use the top air movers available on the market today to get optimum cfm (cubic feet per minute). Your dehumidifier will be little to no help and only leave much water behind. Our trained and certified technicians monitor daily to guarantee the area is completely dry.

Q: Should I wait and see if it dries on its own and call you only if I see mold?

A: No. You should call immediately when you notice water damage. If you have pre-existing mold in your house it can spread rapidly when water is added. If you wait for mold to form you may cause more damage then before. Some states including Massachusetts have caps on what insurance companies can pay for mold claims. (Example: Massachusetts is $10,000) Mold can also cause problems to your health such as headaches, nausea, respiratory and other health problems. 

Q: If I have a flood that is not covered by my insurance can you help me?

A: Yes, and we can save you money. MasterClean technicians are trained in psychometric - the study of relationships between air, moisture and temperature. This allows us to use scientific formulas in drying, giving us precise amounts of dehumidification and cfm needed to effectively dry an area, assuring you will not be charged for unneeded equipment. Using this formula we can dry almost any area with any amount of water, returning it to normal, saving you the cost of replacing drywall, carpet, flooring, furniture and other damaged material. We offer the lowest prices in the industry, saving you even more. (Water damage with high bacteria levels or Category 3 water, such as sewerage require demo).

Q: If due to fire or water I need demo, can you replace the damaged area?

A: MasterClean is a full service company. We are more than able to complete the process of bringing your home back from disaster. We do paint, drywall, plaster, flooring, carpets, carpentry and anything else you may need. These services are separate from our restoration, it is important to know when you choose MasterClean as your disaster restoration company you are in no way obligated to use us for your renovation. You may receive a quote from MasterClean if you wish.